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Our wigs are TRENDY, FUN, NATURAL, and REALISTIC looking! Will people know that it is a wig? Those that know and love you well will know because of your situation. Other people will NOT know! You will look amazing!



Each wig is custom fitted for added comfort and trimmed to give you ultimate flattery! The price of the wig includes all custom adjustments needed to ensure client is comfortable with this new experience. Education for wig care, etc., is ALWAYS included!


We have a very diverse and impressive selection of adult hats, turbans, scarves and hair accessories for every need.

Personalized service at Planet Hair

I count it both an honor and sincere privilege to have the opportunity to assist those in need of hair prosthesis with their personal needs. Whether it be due to hair loss from chemotherapy, alopecia or just wanting to enjoy a “great hair day”, it is a joy to serve others.

My desire is to witness each client leave our facility with a smile and the assurance that they look and feel beautiful. In our society, hair is portrayed as an important part of adornment, a sign of true femininity and should this be taken from a woman, she can be left to feel lost, frightened and despondent.


As a born encourager, I count it a joy to bring hope in each situation.

With compassion AND laughter, I believe you will leave renewed in both your body and spirit.

Planet Hair is proud to carry a vast selection of brands of wigs to fit every individual’s needs including but not limited to Raquel Welch, Ellen Willie, Jon Renu, Henry Margu etc. We keep a stock of over 250 wigs which allow a client to leave that day with one in hand. We also order twice a week for those desiring a special color, style etc. Wigs can be shipped overnight for a nominal fee however standard shipping involves a 3 day turnaround to our salon.

We carry human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, lace front, heat friendly, memory cap, hand knotted and hand tied, all made to fit what works best for you.

Our heat friendly fiber wigs can be blow dried curled with a low heat curling iron, and even flat ironed with a low heat flat iron, allowing you versatile ways to wear your wig. Wigs come in 1 color, highlighted, dimensional color and we even have a line with roots! Yes, they are a big seller. They look sooo real as if you need to see your hairdresser for a touch up!

Raquel Welch wigs have a patented memory cap which actually memorizes the shape of the head after only 1 hour of wear. It’s the Ultimate in light comfort and fit, weighing as little as 2 oz.

Customer of Planet Hair Unique Accessories and wigs

Wigs feel like your own hair ONLY better! Wigs are very affordable and usually costs less than a couple of visits to your hairdresser for color and cuts. Our monofilament top offers the option of changing your side part. They are non-slip top for security and very comfortable. We have styles that are so sassy that people will stop you and ask where you get your hair done.​ This is the BEST compliment one can have!!

How Can I Donate My Hair?


How to Donate Hair

Photos of recipients of a Planet Hair Wig

(permission granted by recipient or parent)

One of my favorite stories...


The Tag Goes in the Back

I have a precious client who had been diagnosed with breast cancer come in to be fitted for a wig. She was so delighted that she picked out three. We enjoyed a great time trimming each one to fit her perfectly.

Upon arriving home she decided to have a fashion show to show off her new three different looks for her husband. After she tried on her second wig, she noticed something was not quite right. It just didn’t lie like it did in the salon.


She called a family member to see if she could come over and give her opinion. "I think Cheryl might have messed up when she trimmed this wig. I don’t think so she knows what she is doing. Let’s try it on again."


They removed the wig only to discover she had put the wig on with the tag on the side…After much laughter, she repositioned the wig and it fit perfectly! Always remember the tag goes in the back!

Channel 6 News Report

Hear how Cheryl Tankersley makes women look and feel beautiful

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