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At Planet Hair we know you have many questions and some are very personal. We will make every effort to answer all of your concerns in a timely and compassionate manner. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Can people tell this is a wig?

NO!!! People will compliment you on your wig and ask you who your hairdresser is as your hair ALWAYS looks wonderful!

What if someone asks me if this is my hair?

YES!!!!! It is your hair… you paid for it… it is yours!

How often do I wash them?

We suggest that you wash them every 15 wearings. They are washed in your bathroom sink as if you are washing lingerie. This is very easy to do and wigs dry in about 3 hours on your wig stand.  Then just shake and go!  We also provide the service of washing your wig for you for a nominal fee.

Are the wigs comfortable?

YES! One of our clients shares that her wig became such a comfortable part of her life, which she routinely forgot she had it on and would get in the shower with it on. Most weigh about 2 oz. making it very lightweight.

Should I be fitted before I lose my hair?

Yes, if possible so that we can see what you real hair looks like. If you have already suffered from hair loss, do NOT worry!

We can help!

Our service also provides the shaving of one’s head if so desired when the time is appropriate. This is done very privately and you are encouraged to bring family and friends along for support if you desire. Lollipops are ALWAYS provided!!!!!

How long will my wig last?

Synthetic wigs are 95% of our sales. They are much more affordable, look like real hair and are much easier to care for. Synthetic is meant to last you 6 months; human hair wigs are made to last you 12 months, depending on how they are taken care of.

Do I need more than one?

We suggest getting 2 wigs so that one is available as a backup. Because they are so affordable many people have a backup…just in case.  Some people want a wig that looks just like their own hair while others are ready to “Get out of the box”. This is all about you and what you want.

How long will I need a wig?

It usually take about 6-9 months after chemo is finished for one to feel as if they can get a true haircut and style. This varies according to each individual.

Wigs become your BEST friend…. They are always glad to see you and they always look good!

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